Happy St. Patricks Day to all!!  We welcome you to come out and celebrate in Irish fashion with lots of Dance, exercise, and music!!

All the classes we will be offering will continue to work on, low impact strengthening, lengthening and stretching!  Each class will improve alignment, work on core power and help you to be aware of your bodies and how they work, move and hold you upright!  All classes will also include your dog and we will be concentrating on properly strengthening their core, major muscles, work on correct alignment and most importantly work to improve the bond between the two of you and make this time enjoyable and fun!

All levels welcome!  YES, you and your dog can do this!
Schedule of classes:

SATURDAY /March 17:
Where: Fab 4 House, Graham, NC (near Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Pittsboro)

What: 4 different 1-hour classes to choose from or do all three

One - Private Lesson. 


Reg Sun Virtual (in person)Class:

As we did in Feb we don’t want you to miss out on and fun, so we have included this class in the roundup.  Newcomers, we will be holding the basic version of thes class Sun at 9am in Cary!


Rocker Board Class:  

Come rock with us.  The fun never stops.  We have made many improvements to this class and we know you will get a great full body workout for both you and your dog!  Work with your dog and learn new ways to use a 
rocker board for exercise. You will use them together and individually, boards will be provided and are available for purchase as well.  ($25.00 class, Rocker Board $49.99)



Obstacle workout and Movement:   Remember the fun of walking over balls and steps and dogs walking over the instructors,  haha,  yes we will continue that circus!! What great fun that all was, we look forward to taking this class to new heights! We will offer a warm-up, followed by a wonderfully fun adventure into movement and obstacle courses.  This class uses equipment such as, bosu 
ball, peanut ball, step up, and balance disc/pad. 
Together with music and movement you and your dog will get a wonderful workout. ($25.00)


Choreographed Dance Workout: 

 This class will review and continue form the Feb session, so get ready for more movement!  Don’t worry we know you will need a refresher and we will also be adding new students to the mix!  Enjoy a warm-up, followed by a choreographed dance workout. This will sure to please both dog and person as you move to music and work with your dog to create a 
beautiful dance together! ($25.00)

 3:00pm-4:00pm     (Reserved)                        

Private lesson:  This is your lesson to work on anything you want or instructors choice!

SUNDAY / February 4:
Where: No Ruff Day,  110-E Woodwinds Industrial Ct, Cary, NC


Basic Virtual ongoing Classes (in person of course):

Please join us for our Basic class.  This is our very own signature workout for you and your dog!! This workout is based on Pilates, Yoga, Stretching and so much more.  The classes are ongoing,  This means that you can choose to continue these classes on Sunday at 10.  Suzanne is there in person and Sabatino appears virtually!  Get started today!!  ($25)


Creative Movement: 

Diane was a superstar in this class and having some others to move with would be great fun!!  We will include, the dog as well as dance and improvisation. This is a unique class you will only find at 6 Hairy legs. You will learn how to use improvisation and the space around you and your dogs to move through, lean against and move around. you will practice weight bearing and weight sharing. This is an interesting class in trust and finding your inner freedom.   All dogs must be dog-friendly. ($25.00)

 11:30pm-12:30pm    (Reserved)       

Private Lesson: 

This is your lesson to work on anything you want or instructors choice!

 12:45pm-1:45pm   (Reserved)          

Private Lesson:  

This is your lesson to work on anything you want or instructors choice!  

All the classes, except the Reg Sun class and the Creative Movement, will be $37.5 per class as I have extended the time to 1.5 hours.

 The Creative movement will stay at $25 and the class will only be 1 hour long.

 The regular Sun virtual class will be the same as always  4 classes for $80 or Drop in for $25 per class.

 Private lessons will be 1 hour for $55.

 There is a possibility of a class on Mon and/or Tues evening.  The time and place is TBD.

 We look forward to moving with you in March!!


6 Hairy Legs weekly classes

Date: Sunday, Feb 18th and 25th
Cost: 4/$80   or $25 for drop-in
Time: 9-10am advanced

            10-11 Basic
Place: No Ruff Day, 110 - E Woodwinds Industrial Ct, Cary, NC 27511

Start your new year off the 6 Hairy Legs way!!!


Jan 2018 Weekly Classes

These classes are taught by your instructors  Sabatino Verlezza, MFA, CPI and Suzanne Kalafian, Canine Specialist!

These classes are for you and your dog to participate in together.

We will work on the 6 HL Signature workout, as well as stretching, alignment, and movement.  Some classes will end with meditation.

Suzanne will be there Live with Spike to demonstrate and help with all the canine exercises…..AND Sabatino will be joining us through Skype to get you all in shape and run the workout!!!

Space is limited to 5  spots, so register today to secure your spot

Get Moving with 6 Hairy Legs

Required:  Current vaccination records

                   All dogs must be on leash

   4 Paws  

2 Feet

 1 Dance

March 17 & 18 2018