4 Paws  ~ 2 Feet  ~ 1 Dance

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Welcome to 6 Hairy Legs

Create, Challange, Innovate

An exciting new way to train with your dog through Movement and Dance!

6 Hairy Legs is transforming the dog training world by reintroducing the natural method of gaining attention from your dog. When dogs were first accepted into human society we both need something from the other and we learned how to communicate and trust through the use of body language, friendly tones, and movement. eventually, the use of language was incorporated as well.

We have created BAM (Behavioral Agreement Method) which will teach you and your dog that you can agree to behave together in a mutually acceptable manner. This will help you communicate better and in the end achieve a well-rounded relationship based on love, trust, and communication.

When you and your dog really start to communicate together you will notice that your dog will want to be with you, listen and work with you. Your dog looks forward to what is coming next and asks permission when they are unsure of a situation. You will learn to listen to your dog, I am not saying you have to give into all your dog’s whims, rather access the situation, decide if your dog is trying to tell you something and ultimately make a much more educated decision. You will also notice a higher level of compliance because you and your dog have a common understanding.

The most unique part of our Method is how we teach you to practice and improve attention with the use of expressive movement and dance. You will learn how your body movement affects your dog. You will also learn how to help yourself physically to avoid common dog owner injuries.

Our Movement exercises and dances give you a special way to interact with your dog that is different and more connected than other activities. This makes training fun and interesting for both you and your dog.

Please join us for a training adventure that will become a way of life for you and your dog!!