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~ 6 Hairy Legs 2018 ~

A new way to enjoy time with your dog!  Our 6 Hairy Legs classes offers a method of exercise and movement for both you and your dog to enjoy! You both will use the brain, use the body, learn the beauty of movement and the beauty of moving with your dog and along the way become healthier and have more energy to do more with your 4 legged friend!!

We all know the importance of fitness and healthy living through strength, Flexibility and proper use of the core for us 2 legged people, but did you realize it has just as much importance for the on-going well being of your 4 legged friend?  It's the best of all worlds, a workout for you, a workout for your dog and the beauty of working  together towards a common goal for a stronger mind and body.

Learn about the importance of nutrition in both Human and K9!

Each workshop will concentrate on a specific exercise goal, but they are all connected to each other.  It is beneficial to take more than one workshop, however they can all stand alone as well.

Once or twice a year we will have a 3 day retreat and you would be able to enjoy all the workshops plus more fun events!  Stay tuned for those dates!!

This workshop has human and canine fitness components,  taught by New York City - based movement expert and choreographer, Sabatino Verlezza, MFA, CPI and Raleigh based canine expert/Canine Fitness Coach,  Suzanne Kalafian, CDT, CTT.  These two experts combine their talents into a unique training style!   Give it a try we know you will love it!

6 Hairy Legs

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